Hi I’m Ria Gor and this is my little Sunshine Blog.

My Sunshine Blog is here to start the Resonance Revolution. Where we listen to ourselves individually and create what works for us. It’s a little ray of sunshine to light up the world around me and around you, so that we can see clearly what resonates with us. To create the life and work that we each individually want. The one that resonates with each of us individually and is right for us, even if it looks nothing like anothers.

Join me in creating work and life that resonates

Join me in creating the work and a life that resonates with who we individually are. Join me in my journey to celebrate our individuality and every moment we have. Creating a courageous dive into living with fear, but without taking it so seriously.

Here in the Sunshine Blog, we create from ‘a place in space’. Because real creativity doesn’t come from pushing through. It comes from stepping back, making space and being free of ‘if you don’t do this the world will end’ syndrome.

So here we look up, we look around, we check in and come home to right now.  The only place we’ll ever be. In this moment.

And from here, in this moment, it all comes to life. Completely undramatically.

In this moment.

Where, if we choose to accept it, we choose to have everything we ever need. We choose to be everything we ever wanted to be. We choose to be aware and love who we are, the good the bad, the ugly (and the slightly crazy). We choose what resonates with us individually and learn that if we really tap into our own experiences, talents and personality, there is no one else exactly like any one of us. And this is a huge discovery!

Join the Resonance Revolution

Join me in creating the life, the work, the balance that works, resonates, for each one of us as individuals.

Thanks for sharing my journey and making me a part of yours.

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Best wishes,

Ria :-)

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