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My Approach to Content Copywriting, Editing & Design

Two concepts deeply rooted in my approach to content writing and creation are storytelling; and intuitive design.

Storytelling: Whether it’s an article, brochure, mobile app or a social media post, storytelling captivates your audience with an intuitive structure and overall experience that connects with the reader or end-user. It represents the core philosophy of your brand by connecting with the things that your audience cares most about. 

That’s why I always have the reader or end user in mind when I am writing, editing or designing. But, I am also thinking about your brand and how it appears to your audience. Weaving the words and phrases from your brand story into your content creates a consistent message that becomes memorable with your target market.

Intuitive Design & Data: It’s crucial to consider design when crafting written content. It’s also important to study behind-the-scenes data from your online channels to find keywords and key trends for your customers. Your audience will be attracted to beautiful visuals, trends and keywords, even if they don’t know it!

Words are never presented in isolation, as they always appear within a design. The visual aspect of content writing and creation is important in all types of content, including social media posts, email campaigns, software systems and mobile apps, landing sales pages, magazine ads, blogs and more. The design of the content plays a significant role in engaging the reader or audience. That’s why I focus on content copywriting within a design.

When I’m not writing, I am a business and lifestyle template designer (MyFeelGoodNotes shop sells beautiful designs with client-focused copy). With over 15 years of content design and copywriting experience, I understand how to write the best words and put them into the best design format to sell your business and engage your audience without doing all-of-the-things! 

Ria Gor Freelance Marketing, Digital Marketing Social Media, Content Creator, Copywriting, Video Editing, Social Media, Custom Stickers, Set Up Print on Demand Shop

Discuss Your Project

 If you’re looking for some help with your digital marketing content, you’re in the right place!

I can help you with analysing, editing, problem solving and making small changes to deliver better results.

Hire me to help with your brand voice, content copywriting for social media, email marketing campaigns, social media adverts, regular short-form promotional video scripting, promotional and educational graphics content with outstanding copywriting to promote your brand. I can help you to save time and achieve better results, so that you no longer need to spend your entire life doing marketing!

I create digital product templates for businesses, including proposals, brochures, business stationery and more. You can visit my Etsy Shop for specific product areas that are popular on Etsy.

Interested in working together? Tell me more about your project by emailing [email protected] or book a chat below. 

Ria Gor Freelance Marketing, Digital Marketing Social Media, Content Creator, Copywriting, Video Editing, Social Media, Custom Stickers, Set Up Print on Demand Shop

What you can expect

You can expect a professional, reliable, no-nonsense service that delivers great results. You can be confident that I will work on areas that matter to your business the most and I will use my experience to help you achieve your goals in that area.

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Impossible is a word that humans use far too often.” – Seven of Nine

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The Things They Say

Ria is a delight to have in your team. With infectious enthusiasm, coupled with detailed healthcare and IT knowledge, Ria’s contribution is always significant.

Gordon Lorimer

Sales Director - Renewable Energy Sector

I would highly recommend Ria Gor of Creative Penguin if you need help promoting your business. She has given me so many amazing insights into the world of marketing and the importance of getting the right message across in order to attract clients. She is able to outline her techniques for branding, along with necessary themes and benefits for hiring, with a great deal of patience, understanding and sensitivity. Working with Ria has been a pleasure and I’ve no doubt that with her invaluable help my business will become more and more successful.

Marie Rowe

Inspirational Speaker, Hollywood Casting Director

I had been completely stuck where my business was concerned and just couldn’t see the wood for the trees! I had a 90 minute brainstorming session with Ria and came away with practical steps that would move me forward. I also came away feeling a lot less overwhelmed than I had been and things were much clearer. In the first week after our session I took more action than I had in months! Thank you Ria you really helped me to move things forward.

Claire McKelvie

Leadership & Management Training

Had a fantastic day on Wednesday at the Brand Story Workshop! Pleased to report my story and branding finally clicked into place. A perfect blend of techniques helped me to uncover what I could not see. Who would believe going back and looking at some of my favourite things would give me a long hidden answer which was under my nose all the time. Thank you Ria Gor it was a perfect blend and I left excited and enthusiastic to implement what I had uncovered. It truly is a wonderful life!

Angela P Gordon


I had my first session yesterday with Ria and she is very knowledgeable and inspirational. She has helped me focus more on where I am heading and helped me with the map to get there too. I would highly recommend her sessions. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Ria

Zoe Evans

Pilates Health Online

I had a great time at Ria’s brand story workshop. The methods used were fun and creative and stimulated me to look at my brand and message in a totally different way.

Sue Williams

Sue Williams - Author

Ria is a highly skilled Sales and marketing specialist, focusing on large-scale healthcare software and integration solutions.

Having a background in both development and integration projects has given her a unique insight into the requirements and needs within the healthcare software sector when working with customers. This experience made her invaluable as a go-between for the development, project management and implementation teams. Additionally, feedback from her focused future development of products based on market demand.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or work with her again.

P. Massey

Senior Developer

Working with Ria opened my eyes I found her not only inspirational but very insightful as well. She managed to make me look at things differently and also challenge myself. The result is a story that I did not know existed!

Edwina Silver

LinkedIn Trainer & Business Owner

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