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Looking for some help with your digital marketing and social media? You’re in the right place!

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Ria, a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant, Content Creator and Custom Sticker Designer. I can help you with email marketing, social media, advertising, video, graphics, writing great copy and making custom stickers. 

Secondly, I think digital marketing and social media can be time-consuming if you try to do absolutely everything …that’s why I work with you to find out what is most effective for your specific business.

Thirdly, I’m going to explain how I do this. In my (almost 2 decades of) experience, I have learnt how to listen carefully and tease out the key messages of your brand that will matter to your audience and your brand. For instance, I help you to do this with social media content plans, email marketing campaigns and templates that represent your brand and speed things up! Most importantly, my job is to turn down the noise and choose only those actions that will help you to achieve the most. In addition, I use data and analytics to help you to make better decisions about your digital marketing.

Lastly, using your key messages to communicate with your audience is absolutely key to getting results.

In conclusion, I  help you to connect with your audience by weaving your key brand messages into your content – the words, the graphics, the visuals – we work on all of them to communicate the story of your brand and build a stronger connection with your audience…so that you can worry less about marketing and get on with delivering your services, events or products!

Standalone or Regular Projects

Have a specific project in mind or prefer to work with me regularly so that I can get to know your brand and be your go-to marketing geek? 

I can help with that!

Content Creation - Copywriting, Graphics and Video Editing

Need a hand with digital content? 

I can help you to create great looking graphics, videos, adverts, blogs, press releases, publications, brochures, mailer campaigns etc.   

Marketing and Communications Consultancy

 Need someone to answer your burning  marketing questions or learn how to manage digital communications? 

I can help you with that! 

Have a question? Let’s chat.

Hi I'm Ria

Hi I'm Ria

Brand Storyteller, Digital Marketing Consultant and Content Creator

I use brand storytelling to create great quality, feel-good videos, graphics and words that catch the attention of the people you want to reach. Weaved together with a brand story and digital strategy, I build a personality for your brand online. This personality keeps your audience coming back for more and helps you to reach your goals.

My values are Simplicity, Creativity, Fun and Practicality.    

No drama, some good laughs, only doing what matters and getting great results.  

 The Creative Penguin represents the world I work in and the experience my clients can expect… where creativity, curiosity, learning and fun, go hand in hand! 

Thank You To My Wonderful Clients

1-1 Coaching


Video & Content Writing

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