It's time to make a home for your brand online! You're a quietly brilliant, think-different & fun biz owner. Ready to steal back time and achieve your goals by aligning your website and social media to your brand story. You want to get key messages across easily, using great-looking video, photo and written content that not only reaches, but converts your audience into fans and communicates your message to the world.

Welcome, you’re in the right place. 

Video Stories

Reach and connect with your audience quickly and easily with a custom-made video that represents your brand story, entertains and grows your audience. Find out how to run ads with it and get it seen! Promotional, educational, entertainment, lifestyle. Storyboarding, Editing & Production – animation, special effects & stock. For websites, YouTube channels, Social Media, Adverts, online platforms.

Copywriting & Social Media Graphics

Connect with your audience with words that speak to humans and graphics that capture their interest. I bust the jargon and get straight to the point of your message. I add fun, light-heartedness, creativity & humour so that your audience can easily understand and enjoy reading. I make social media graphics that represent your brand, look great and get interaction.  

Get Your Brand Online! Communications Strategy

 Want to get your brand online and stand out to people who need you? I can help you with that! I’m here to answer your questions. Get help with exactly what to do on social media & how to communicate in a fun, easy way. Learn about online software to make life easier, get help with YouTube, websites & have the content created for you if needed!  Hire me ad-hoc or regularly.

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Ria Gor

Ria Gor

Brand Storyteller & Marketing Strategist (Executive Master of Business Administration, BSc in Information Systems, Contributing Writer - Thrive Global)

Hi I'm Ria, I see things differently ...

And I can help you to break out of the ‘norm’ and see things differently too. This is the key ingredient for creating a biz that represents you, attracts the right customers for you and communicates your brand through content that your audience enjoys and remembers. When they enjoy what you are putting out there, they will remember you and follow. That’s how you convert them into loyal fans that make your biz grow!  


My values are Simplicity, Creativity, Fun and Practicality.  


No drama, some good laughs, only doing what matters and getting great results.


cropped-Very-Small-Penguin-Black_Transparent-background.pngThe Creative Penguin is my creation. It features a penguin by the name of “Be”. She is my biz mascot and represents ‘being who you are’, expressing yourself in a way that represents you and achieving those huge scary goals whilst having fun and making it look easy!

Gratitude - Thanks To My Amazing Clients

1-1 Coaching


Video & Content Writing

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