Videos made easy…with a story!

Have a video created for you that connects with your audience by telling a clear, engaging and entertaining story online. I create the storyboard, edit and produce the video. 

If you want to use stock clips for your video, we can go straight to the editing and production process – it’s a video without filming! Yes…without filming is possible!

If you would prefer to have custom filmed clips for your video, you can have them filmed by your videographer of choice (you may already have clips from an event or previous shoot taken professionally or on a good quality mobile phone). Send the clips to me and I will put the video together for you!


Need filming? No problem. I create the storyboard, the guide list of what footage is needed in the filming session to represent the brand. You can then choose your own videographer or I can recommend one. They can follow this guide to film the right clips for your video. I will then do the editing and production so that the end video captures the brand values, story, look & feel and experience that you outlined in the storyboard.  

Don’t want to do a film shoot? There are so many other options to capture your message and bring it to life. Great videos can be made with stock clips, animation, existing footage you already have or filming using a gimbal or mobile phone…and if you need to be featured in the video, we don’t need to do this in person – we can do – but it’s not necessary if you don’t want to spend on a filming session. If needed, you’ll be guided on how to take the video clips of each scene on a mobile phone and then this will be compiled, edited, produced professionally. Video made easy…so that you can take your brand online and connect with those who need you!

What is a Story Video?

A Story Video is a video that tells an engaging story – using, visuals, words and or sound – to connect with your audience, deliver a key message to them and to do it all in an entertaining way that reaches your overall objective. All types of videos can be much more engaging, easy to watch and help to retain the viewer and keep them coming back if they have a clear story told quickly, clearly and in an entertaining way. We typically don’t tend to like watching anything that is dull, boring, too slow, has an unclear message etc. For example, as individuals, we are quick to decide whether we like a movie (or not)…videos are the same. Whatever the content, no one will be watching if it’s not interesting. That’s why storytelling is a key part of creating video content.

What types of videos can you create?

  • Promotional advert
  • About Us – brand story video
  • Entertainment (e.g. for a YouTube channel)
  • Educational
  • Lifestyle
  • Training
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Travel – road trips
  • Fun – curiosity, creativity
  • Teaching/Sharing Knowledge
  • Explaining (explainer video)
  • Online Events – capturing your online events – extracting promotional/entertainment content from the footage


How is it created?

All Creative Penguin Story Videos begin with a ‘Brand Brainstorming Session’ to uncover your core message, the key characteristics of your audience and brand. A ‘Storyboard’ is then created to map out the story of the video. This storyboard is then transformed into a video! We work together to edit and polish the video so that the final version is the one you like!

Where can you use it?

You can use the video on your website, YouTube channel, social media, online training/learning platforms such as Skillshare,  presentations, running as an advert on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business…there are many places you can use it.

How long will the video be and what style?

The platform you want to use it on, will determine the length, style, compilation etc. e.g. for many learning platforms, e.g. Skillshare, a course is broken down into smaller videos, so it’ll be delivering a group of videos that tell a consistent overall story within each topic in each video. Other videos such as promotional adverts may only be one video that summarises the message using a bunch of quick visuals, little text and music. Whatever the story, you’ll have it edited in a way that works for the message, the audience and the platform.


Why is no filming required?

This is because we have a few options. We can use ready made professional stock footage, or use footage that you may already have e.g. a lot of sports events capture their own photos and video footage. Alternatively, in many circumstances, a mobile phone can be used to film new clips. After storyboarding, you will receive guidance on the scenes you need to film using your phone and it’s easy to follow this to film some footage yourself. Then…you send them across for professional editing and creative production. Online videos don’t need to be Hollywood quality – they can still look great, connect with the right people and meet your goals simply by using the technology we have readily available…and they don’t take years in the making. This is about making great quality, entertaining and to-the-point videos…quickly! 

 What will I receive?

You will receive a video or group of videos in the format required for the platform (s) you want to use it on. As part of the process leading up to the video, you will also receive: a 1-1 consulting brand storyboarding session to explore your key messages and brand story so that we know the essence, the language and values of your brand and can create a video that is in line with this (video call); You will also receive 3 hours editing time;  a storyboard outlining your brand messages; creative production and key tips on how to get it seen. Results/time required dependent on quality of video footage provided by client (if client is providing the footage).

Regular video content required? Hire me for regular editing, creation or production of video content over a period of time. 

Email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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