The idea of ‘BE’ The Creative Penguin came to me whilst I was doing a mindfulness program. Before this, I didn’t even feel like a ‘creative’ person. If you asked me to create a video, write an article or take a photo, I would have told you it was for the creatively talented people. Not me.

But during and ever since I worked on 8 weeks of mindfulness, I was free of the box I used to put myself in. I ALLOWED myself to BE WHO I AM. It wasn’t exactly an easy program to do, but it was one of the best investments I ever made. I recreated my life and my work from this mindful space to RESONATE with me and be what I LOVE. This is why I always say “creativity comes from space”. It’s is what I discovered on my mindfulness journey.

Mindfulness and gratitude are very popular concepts that many of us may have heard of and may even practice. But they are so easy to forget.

In my daily practice, I have found that integration of these concepts into my life and work have been one of the most important aspects. Something I often miss. Without this, they feel like great ideas, but simply isolated concepts that we struggle to achieve because everything else gets in the way. This seems like just one extra thing we must remember to do. And it feels so easy to fall off the bandwagon and forget to be grateful or mindful…as ironic as that might sound!

The good news is that once something becomes ingrained into your routine, it sticks. A bit like brushing your teeth. You don’t often have to work hard to remember how to brush your teeth every morning…once you know, you just know!

I love to see my life as an exciting adventure and live in the moment. And I would love to grow this even more to live and cherish every single moment I have on this planet, really seeing and acknowledging both myself and the beautiful people I have to share it with. This is why I would like mindfulness and gratitude, for me, to be concepts that become ingrained into my life, so they become my norm, my daily habits…things I just know and do without trying so hard.

For this to happen, I would like to remind myself to integrate these concepts into my life more and more. So my blog is a reminder to both myself and for those of you who, like me, want to enjoy more of every little beautiful moment in life and want to really ALLOW yourself to live in a state of connection, joy and flow.

Integrating these concepts of gratitude and mindfulness is my experiment and daily practice to allow my life in this very moment to come alive and thrive, making living in this beautiful way – my way of life.

My Sunshine Blog will now be focused on growing resonance and allowing life to thrive with the abundance we are surrounded with. It will be about exploring, experimenting, sharing tips, inspiration and reminders to integrate gratitude and mindfulness a.k.a being in THIS moment – here and now – into our lives, careers and businesses. 

For me, it has been the key to resonance, alignment, creativity, feeling grounded, confident, fulfilled and happy.  For me, it has helped me to create the life, business and relationships I love and feel so grateful for. I would like to say YES, PLEASE UNIVERSE, I would like more of THIS. How about you?

“You are only alive in THIS moment” Jon Kabat-Zinn

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