David Attenborough is a world-famous BBC nature & wildlife documentary presenter (if you haven’t heard of him yet, open up YouTube and watch him. I’m a complete fan). He is someone who inspires me in my life, my videos, my content and my brand. When I watch him present or narrate the stories in nature documentaries, I am inspired by the fascination and passion that he has in his heart for nature and wildlife. He gives everything a story, a new perspective. Using the unique way in which he sees the world, he brings the beautiful awe-inspiring visuals in the film to life and his documentaries connect with those who choose to be just as curious and fascinated as him. His audience are invited to join his adventure.

David Attenborough takes viewers on a journey, captivating them with a story that they can connect to and feel inspired by.

He helps his viewers to learn, grow, share his passion and perspective of the world – in the way that he sees it. The beautiful visual footage illustrates the story. And the journey of nature that Attenborough takes us on, captivates audiences and their fascination grows as well as their awareness and knowledge.

The visuals and the story in these documentaries are individually inspiring. But together, they are a recipe for magic.

So what does this have to do with branding and attracting more of your ideal clients you may ask?

Stories told in your marketing content, through your website, your logo, your services and products are told through YOU. By bringing your passion, purpose and fascination into what you do and in the way you express it, you allow your business to become an opportunity to attract more of your ideal clients, be who you are and do the work you love, get visible and get noticed. 

Let’s explore these benefits a bit more.

1. Attract more ideal clients for YOU

Storytelling engages your audience…your ideal clients.

If you can engage them, connect with them, you build trust. You build relationships that last…and aren’t such hard work. Why? Because storytelling works.

But, wait. This is not just any story. This isn’t about working yourself into the ground, coming up with the perfect-looking storytelling marketing campaign (that isn’t really YOU) and pulling lots of people in…only to have little reward. This is about ensuring that your story comes from being who you are. From a place of passion, purpose and a child-like fascination of the world you are inviting people to. Then, the people you do attract, will be your ideal clients. They will be the ones who are willing to go on the journey you are inviting them to, they will be the ones that put in the work and commitment. They will be the ones who put in the financial investment to learn and make huge strides with what you are offering.

In my healthcare tech project days, these people who LOVE what you’re doing, want to see the benefits and will trust the process were called ‘Champions’. These are the wonderful people you are looking for. Champions of your products and services, champions who LOVE you as you are and see enormous value in what you’re offering, why and how…these are your ideal clients. They are the ones who rave about YOU, your products, services and your personal brand’s view of the world. They champion your business. So, it’s quality here, my friends…not quantity.

2. Be who you are & do what you LOVE 

When you watch an Attenborough documentary, you don’t think ‘oh this must be such a tedious, boring and hard-working job where they can’t be themselves’. It may of course be tedious in parts, hard-working and even boring on occasion. But, the passion, purpose and fascination that is infused into the entire process makes it something that has amazing results, is a joy to create and allows the people who create it to be who they are. This is what makes it unique. Storytelling, in the way I interpret it, allows you to bring yourself into your brand. It gives your business some character and it allows you to be yourself when you’re at work…and in your life. Of course, there is only one of you in the entire universe…so this amount of resonance in your business, in your work and life allows you to do what you love in your own unique way. And stand out to your ideal audience.

3. Be Visible, Be Noticed

Visuals PLUS a Story that resonate with YOU create a powerful brand (a business with character). It makes it memorable, allows it to stand out and be loved. It gives you the confidence to be visible and be noticed.

Whether it’s your written content, marketing material, an email to a client or the visuals on your website or logo, the story is what weaves things together. This is what makes it a powerful, memorable brand. Your brand visuals work for your story (not the other way around). You want a coherent message to go out there right? One that will connect with the right clients and bring them to you? You want to feel confident about getting out there? Yes, I hear you. 

So then, work on your story first. What is the point you are making here? What is your core message? What journey are you taking your ideal clients on? What is your passion and what resonates with you? As David Attenborough does in his stories, a clear message or story shared with a passion allows you captivate and take people on a journey from one point to another. When you weave the visuals of your brand together with your passionate brand story (in your content, design of services, products, website, logo, marketing material etc.) you can create magic.

And this magic, you will want to share.

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