Do you ever feel like no one seems to get why they should invest in your product or service?

You work SO hard on that thing you’re so passionate about, you just KNOW it’s going to help people. They’re going to love it.

And then, you hope they’ll just KNOW (by some powers of stardust) that it’s what they need and they’ll come knocking on your door to pay you for it. Or, you start using all the big words you have in your pocket to show off your expertise and assume everyone else understands…uh huh?!

Only, no one seems to get it.

What’s missing, you ask. Well, I’m here to share with you that it’s a basic communication mistake we all make. 

We forget to Tell Them About It – in THEIR words – in a way that means something to THEM – in a way that is easy to understand and makes their life easier.

THIS, in simple terms is what MARKETING is. It helps people to understand how you can help them and why they should care.

So, are you doing this? Or are you using lots of ‘jargon’ to show off your knowledge instead? This is what I used to do. So don’t worry, I’ve been there!

But I learnt that if your customers don’t know what it all means, you aren’t connecting with them. They don’t really understand how you can help THEM.

Here’s a top tip on how you can start to change this now so that people understand more how you can help them.

Listen & Ask. Set up a questionnaire (I use Typeform) to ask 10 people who you think are your ideal clients. Ask them what they’re struggling with and what they need help with. Study these answers (put your assumptions aside and look at it as if this is the first time you’ve heard this answer). Pay attention to the words and phrases they use. Now look at the words and phrases you are using on your website, social media, at networking events etc. What could you change so that your audience understands how you can help them?

It might sound simple, but it works.


Hi, I’m Ria and I run The Creative Penguin. Want some help with creating a story message that connects with your audience?

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