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If you run events and want to capture the atmosphere of the event, a trailer video may be a great way to give your attendees something to enjoy after the event, a way to promote the event and your services for next time and a great addition to your portfolio for showing what you can do!


This is a trailer video I created for the Socially Shared Women In Business 2019 event. It’s great as a recap of the event AND a trailer video to promote next year’s event.

Trailer videos like this, can seem like a ‘quick’ thing to create. However, in reality, for a successful trailer video you need to film parts of the entire event, explore the core messages you want to tell and storyboard the video so that you know exactly what to film.


There can be a lot of footage to edit and then comes the creation of the story using the footage and then editing to condense – shorter videos that capture a lot of information can take longer to edit – you’ve got to keep editing until you have only the necessary footage to communicate the core messages you want to share with a specific audience.


But the result is great. You have some great content that works again and again to enjoy for the event organisers and attendees…and a great way to promote more events in future.


– The Creative Penguin




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