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“What’s Your Story” 8 Week Branding & Business Strategy

What is this?

This is an 8 week small group course where you will learn how to define or redefine your brand story. Your brand story is absolutely essential in building your network, attracting the right clients for you, establishing your business foundation, positioning your business to be competitive and creating the work you really enjoy. What’s your story looks at your brand story, your business strategy and alignment of your business to your values, vision and passion. And once you’ve got your story, the course provides a practical approach that you can use to take effective action and communicate your story with your audience to grow your business successfully.

Who is this for?

If you are an existing business that needs to refocus, redefine your brand, get clarity of direction and clear messages to take to market, this is for you.

If you are starting out and need to define your brand, vision, direction and key marketing messages, this is also for you.

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This is not for you if: 

If you think your brand is aligned, clear and you might benefit more from focused, customised attention on a specific business problem – one to one consultancy may be more beneficial for you.

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Course Overall Outcome

This course goes through the whole process of branding strategically and creatively, getting a clear practical direction, extracting your key messages to connect with the right clients for you and aligning your business with your values, passion and vision. You will also learn about using photo, video and content to communicate your brand effectively.


  1. Brand that resonates. Transform your brand into one that resonates with your values and vision
  2. Work you’re passionate about. Transform your vision into one that doesn’t just play it safe, but breaks the rules to create the work that you’re passionate about
  3. Attract the right clients. Create a brand that resonates with the right client base for you
  4. Position competitively. Create your unique position in the market and compete based upon your unique experience
  5. Brand communication. Learn how to communicate your brand visually and through effective content
  6. Marketing your services. Learn how to become visible effectively
  7. Deliver real value. Attract clients with delivery of real value by packaging your services and communicating benefits
  8. Work-life balance. Get a great work-life balance
  9. Take practical action. Set out and take real, practical action to make your creations a reality
  10. Build success & income. Build a successful business and great income

Course Structure

This course uses case studies, activities and practical tasks to take action.

It is a small group course with limited space to ensure there is focused attention for each person and valuable, effective group interaction that is really beneficial.

If you prefer a one to one course or aren’t sure whether you need some one to ones too, please get in touch. We will discuss what you need and come up with the best package for you.


  • 8 week course
  • Customised to your business and you
  • Build your competitive advantage (Why You)
  • Create your unique business story (vision, brand)
  • Align your business with your values and vision
  • Vision outside of the ‘safe zone’ and create work that you really want to do
  • Design and package your services to deliver real value to clients
  • Connect with the right clients for you
  • Learn to run your business from a place of calm, creativity and space
  • Balance your business with your life
  • Optional content writing add on
  • Optional video making add on

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