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SWOT Your Way Forward. Strategic Assessment, Visioning and Alignment Workshop.

What this is: Practical analysis of where you are now and a real vision of where you want your business to go versus where it’s going. Alignment with your vision. Practical actions to move towards your business vision. Uncovering your opportunities and resources.

Benefits of attending: Clarity of business vision and direction; Clarity of opportunities and resources available to your business; Opportunity to transform business weaknesses into strengths and opportunities. Practical actions to realise opportunities.

In SWOT Your Way Forward, we first give you permission to get out of the ‘safe’ zone and break those rules you may have secretly held yourself to. We set your vision in this way.

Then we use the much loved and well known business analysis model SWOT as a practical tool to get you there. This is a tool that analyses your current situation and looks at where you are now in your business in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. When you understand your current position, you can uncover the opportunities and resources available to you to make your vision a reality.

It’s SWOT with a twist as we look at turning your weaknesses (or limiting beliefs) into opportunities and manage your perceived threats.

We go through the practical actions available to make your opportunities a reality. Making reaching your vision a lot less overwhelming and practically more do-able.

‘SWOTing’ with a dose of mindfulness here and there will get you more grounded, focused on your vision and evaluate where you are now. When you can see your resources, what’s stopping you, you start to uncover the practical opportunities you have right now to move towards your vision.

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It’s £150 for a session per person. Limited spaces available -this is a small focused group for entrepreneurs who want to invest in and grow their business. You will benefit from valuable interaction with a small group and focused coaching and consultant attention from ME, Ria Gor!

This Includes:

  • Free 20 min telephone business consultation with Ria Gor prior to the workshop*
  • Free 20 min telephone business consultation with Ria Gor one week after the workshop to support your practical progress*

*Dates/times subject to availability

You will leave the workshop with:

  • a clearer sense of vision and direction for your business
  • practical opportunities that you can work towards to realise your vision
  • practical process for realising your opportunities
  • a clearer understanding of the internal resources, strengths available to your business and how they can help you to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage
  • a method by which you can manage perceived fears to move forward
  • a method of turning your weaknesses, the things you get stuck on, into opportunities


Coming Soon. Online Workshop coming soon for those who live further away or around the globe!

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