How many times have you heard the phrase ‘you need to use video to be noticed online’? It’s almost annoying, right? 

I could probably create the world’s biggest tally chart if I counted each time I’d heard the same thing. 

That’s why, I’m going to show you a way of making it actually work for you.

Sure, video is really powerful. But…and this is a huge B.U.T…..not any kind of video!

Video with a story, a soul, some character and feeling. A video that connects with the viewer, stays in their minds and tells them exactly why they should watch, work with you and follow you. That’s the kind of video that is powerful.

There are a million different choices out there on videos to watch. What makes yours worth watching?

It’s no different to movies. You don’t watch EVERY SINGLE movie, do you? Good. Neither do I. And it’s a good thing too otherwise we’d never leave our sofas!

In the same way, no one will be watching your video, simply because you made one.

So, how do you make videos more appealing to your audience so that they enjoy watching them, connect with your brand and want more?

Here are three top tips from The Creative Penguin:

  • Use your imagination. Don’t just sit in one place every time. Pick different, interesting locations that connect with you and your audience. If you’re filming products or creations, take your audience on a journey behind the scenes so they can see how it comes together. You may even create a stop motion video or timelapse once you get the hang of it!


  • Use movement. They are VIDEOS, not photos. They are supposed to move! So, move your camera gently, following the object of interest (You can also get stabilizers with object tracking to help with this –  set them up to follow yourself or anything else). Or, walk whilst talking. Imagine it as the scene of a movie, show the audience what your eyes can see (the way YOU see it).


  • Add some personality. Maybe you have a brand mascot or you’re known for your cooking, love of Star Trek (that’s me), love nature, penguins, driving, sailing, outdoors, walking, climbing…whatever it is, see if you can add a bit of your personality in. If you love to walk, take your audience on a walk. If you love to watch sci-fi, add an artefact or something that represents this interest into your video backdrop so people can remember you by it. Get out from behind that wall and let people connect with you!

Has this post sparked some ideas for you? Or do you have a question? Tell me in the comments below!

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