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When everything is changing all around you… adapt & be creative!

How about an easy, creative plan of what to do now so that your brand can stand out onlinereach and connect with those who need you?

 Surrounded by out-of-control changes?

Changing situations are an opportunity for success if you choose to ADAPT and BE CREATIVE in what you offer, how you offer it and how you communicate this twist, to your existing audience whilst taking the opportunity to build a new one.

When everything is being thrown at you, it’s not easy to find a simple and logical way that keeps your brand visible and your business successful. External changes can sometimes mean that the original plan you had for your brand, isn’t the one you can follow right now. It can however mean that the vision, values and story of your brand can still remain strong but simply a practical, creative and easy-to-follow new plan is needed in the current situation to get you there. The way you communicate the steps you’re taking will also be absolutely crucial in helping your audience to change and adapt with you.

Hire Me Ad-Hoc or Regularly

Ria Gor – Content Creator & Communications Strategist



No time to waste – I help you to take creative, practical action to adapt your brand and respond to what people need 

Creative, out of the box, but practical ideas with simple and practical actions to meet the overall objectives are key.

There’s no time to waste – it’s time to get clear and get to the point. Thinking differently in this way is likely to make your business adaptive to changes that are out-of-your-control so that you can identify what people need from you now and adjust your business to help them.

This can be an opportunity for even more success than you previously had.  

How I help you…

1-1 Sessions. Hire me for consulting 1-1 video call sessions. We can work on creating a route from where you are now to where you want to be, how to communicate your strategy to your audience and your brand content strategy…in the quickest, practical and most creative way possible.

Content Creation. Whether it’s video, written or graphics content…you can hire me ad-hoc or regularly and I’ll create it for you! You can read more about my content creation services below.

Regular In-House. If you need regular help with content creation (video/copywriting/social media graphics), planning and strategy, communications and marketing…hire me 1-2 days a week for regular in-house support. I will get to know your brand and help you to grow it! I work with companies regularly to help them to achieve their goals, promote their biz online and raise the brand profile using storytelling.

Who is this for? 

For Small-Medium Sized Companies… You are either a larger company with a marketing and social media department/lead that needs to bring in a fresh perspective on things. Or you’re a small-medium sized company who needs an in-house marketing & video specialist for a day or two a week.

For one to two person micro businesses…You need help with so many different aspects of your business. That’s where I come in. I have worked in entertainment, media, technology, business, healthcare, marketing, communications…and I am a small business owner myself. I can help you to get clear on your goals and messaging, go digital, communicate in an entertaining, fun and creative way, be clear, efficient and to the point in your approach for work so that you can build a brand with an audience who enjoy having you around as well as having a great work-life balance yourself! 

Get in Touch Now

Whether you need help with marketing and your overall brand story, want to create great promotional story campaigns that build your audience and establish your brand in the public eye OR create social media & website content (written, visual and video content) that represents your brand and it’s story, I can help you.

Together we’ll work on increasing your revenue, enhancing the customer experience and helping your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Get in touch…This is a customised service based on what you need to make progress, so please get in touch below to find out more. You can email me or book a quick chat.

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