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Copywriting & Editing - for Websites, Social Media Posts, Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Brochures, Online Events, Product Listings and more.

Copywriting service…

Words are important. They help you to connect with your audience and help your brand to be more noticeable online. Your words (and visuals) will be the first introductions to your brand and if they help a customer to connect with the values and aesthetic of your brand, this will determine what happens next. The copywriting service I provide will study your brand voice, aesthetics and values before writing the words. 

What can I help you with?

I can help you with copywriting for your websites, brochures, social media, online profiles, event listings, product listings, press releases, blogs, articles and lots more!

Key questions…

We will ask key questions about your brand when looking at your copywriting. For example, does your audience understand your product, event or service? Do they understand the benefits and whether it is something that will be the right fit for them? This is where the tone, language and general feeling that is created using words (and visual graphics) helps to communicate with your audience and develop a relationship with your brand.

Keep it simple…

You can demonstrate your expertise but there’s no need to baffle people with too much jargon. This is because people generally want someone to make things relatable and easier for them…not more complicated! The online space is also about fun, entertainment and making content interesting. That’s why it’s important to know how to make your content more than just informative, more than just professional.

That’s where I come in…

I get to know the core messages and values of your brand as well as your brand voice. There are certain words, phrases and sentiments that your brand might use…these are the core ‘radiowaves’ that your audience will tune into. I find these and weave them into your copywriting. 

I take time to understand your brand and the value you are offering first. Then, I simplify how you communicate it so that your audience can tune in and connect with your brand.

Words need pictures too…

Tea is so much better with biscuits. Similarly, words go really well with great graphics as the combination of the two helps your content to get noticed online. I’m also a videographer/social media graphics creator so I can help you to combine your text with the right visuals to illustrate your words. Not just one, but two steps that link together and connect you to your audience.

Stories. Always. Connect.


Graphics for Social Media, Stickers, Merchandise and Advertising

A visually evolving brand captures attention.

What is your brand style?

Fun, cool, stylish, professional. Whatever your brand style, the visuals that you choose for your online profiles can make an impact and establish credibility with your audience.

Consistency is key…

Brand consistency is key for familiarity so that people can associate certain visuals with your brand. But, there needs to be more than ‘just a sales pitch’ in your content to generate a following and interest that builds your community. I help you to engage your audience with new content ideas, whilst maintaining your brand identity and building a connection through your own brand experience.

Stylise custom or stock photos to tell your story…

If you have lots of custom photos (e.g. from running events), stylising them to communicate your brand image will help you to create a unique brand experience. But, if you don’t have lots of custom images, you can even stylise and customise stock images to look more like your brand and get your message across.

I bring your graphics together with your brand words…

Graphics are so much better with words if you’re trying to communicate with your audience. I help you to bring the two together!

What else can I help with?

I help with social media graphics, product listing graphics (and text), blog or article graphics, headers for an online shop, headers for social media, advertising graphics for social media, stickers, t-shirt designs and much more. Please get in touch with your specific design project and we can discuss it over a virtual tea chat!


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