✨ How connected do you feel in your life and in your business?

Connection is so important. In our lives, our work, to others and most importantly OURSELVES. It is the one thing that makes us feel alive, aware and allows us to act from a place of resonance with ourselves.

This absolutely applies to your business. And this is why a BRAND STORY is so important for smaller businesses as well as larger ones.

If your business is being driven solely by what others are doing, thinking, wanting then on one level you are being responsive to the market – sure. But how connected are you feeling to yourself? Is this what you left your day job for?

Yes, market research is important. Being responsive to what your customers need is important. But first you need to know what YOU want. Your small business can be ever so powerful – but only if it is aligned to YOU. After all, YOU are the one who is creating it, delivering it, marketing it…BELIEVING in it. If anything is even slightly out of sync, you will know and so will your clients. There’s no hiding place in a small business.

This is why when we run small businesses, often on our own, that connection, that resonance with our own business is SO important. And it will never come from what others are doing, thinking, wanting.

It will come from YOU.

It will come from WHY you’re doing what you’re doing…what is fundamentally important to YOU. Creating your business from this strong connection to your HEART & SOUL is what helps you to feel that resonance. And then when you creatively express it in your OWN UNIQUE WAY, using your own personality to EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN and ENGAGE with your audience…something great starts to happen.

You start to deliver what really MATTERS to YOU.

This helps you to feel connected to your brand, to your business. And when you feel connected, so do those who you really want to attract. Because it really MATTERS to THEM too.

THIS is what sets you apart and connects you to what you love.

? YOUR BRAND STORY. Told in your own UNIQUE way.


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