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Having words that speak to your audience and set your brand apart are even more important online. Before they meet or virtually meet you, they will meet your words (and your visuals) and decide what happens next.

Now, I know that you know what you’re talking about. But…do your audience know? Are you saying it in a language that they can understand…easily? 

If you’re writing a lot of ‘expert phrases’ and industry-lingo, so that you can demonstrate your expertise or value, it’s likely that the people you’re talking to are glazing over and going to someone who makes life easier. They watch, listen, enjoy and follow…if you make it easy and entertaining for them. They’re only human!

That’s where I come in. I get to know the core messages and values of your brand as well as your brand voice. There are certain things that only you would say as a brand…these are the things that your audience tune into. I find these and weave them into your copy. 

I take time to understand your brand and the value you are offering first – because it’s important. Then, I simplify how you communicate it so that your audience, who need you, can tune in. 

And because I’m also a videographer/social media graphics creator, I can help you to combine your text with the right visuals to illustrate your words. Not just one, but two steps that link together and connect you to your audience.

Stories. Always. Connect.


Social Media Graphics

Fun, cool, stylish and professional. Whatever your style, the visuals you use online can make an impact and catch your audience’s attention. Using your own photos and stylising them helps to stand out. But you can even stylise and customise stock images to look more like your brand and get your message across. Brand consistency is key…for familiarity. But, to keep your audience entertained, I bring new ideas to life whilst maintaining your brand identity.

A visually evolving brand captures attention.


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