How often do you make assumptions about people in your marketing, client work or daily life?

Learning and making assumptions is something that our brains do naturally. Without it, we would have to re-learn how to eat, tie shoelaces, even drive…every single day, again and again.

Instead, our brains store the information and we ‘know’ how to do something. It’s a great programme. But, often this auto-programming can take us away from a ‘scientifically curious’ approach to things – i.e. an open mind that is willing to explore something that you don’t ‘know’ or to challenge a theory you already think you ‘know’.

In marketing and creative work, like mine, we’re always thinking about the audience or the clients i.e.  the people we’re talking to and what they want, need, like, dislike etc. 

Often, after a while, we start to assume things as if we simply know

But, staying curious and adapting, is what allows us to ‘retain’ our audience and develop a long-standing relationship. 

What can you do to re-learn what you think you might already know?

Ask your customers, clients, partners and general audience what they like/dislike. It’s as simple as that. Just ask! 

You can do this through surveys, questionnaires, emails, social media polls and more. Sometimes, a simple phone call might help to inform your marketing activity. Market research doesn’t always need to be complicated.

In conclusion, staying curious helps to stay responsive to others’ needs and wants, rather than being stuck in a ‘theory’ of what you learnt some time at the start. The result is a lasting relationship with your clients, audience…and humans in general! 

 If you would like some help with how to ask your audience the right questions to discover information that helps with your marketing…book a 1-1 with me for advice. Or book some content creation time if you would like me to create a set of survey questions for you. Email [email protected]

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