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An island road trip, drinking coconuts & submarine diving!

Island: Nassau, Bahamas
Adventure: Resort / Road Trip

Joyful calypso music encapsulates this enchanting Caribbean island. Enter a world of feel-good vibes, mysterious coves and spectacular ocean views: Welcome, to Nassau.


Known mostly for the renowned Paradise Island, Nassau is a place of dreams. But, it has much, much more to offer than a casino and luxury resort. Yes, of course, resorts are a huge part of this island. In fact, you will most likely find yourself in one. It is, after all, the easiest and safest way to book a trip here. But, now that you’re booked in, let me introduce you to the other Nassau. The world of culture, people and pockets of beauty at every corner. 

It will surprise and delight; if you choose to explore, that is.

Charming Tour Buses 

There are plenty of shuttle tour buses to take you around the Island. They have an incredible charm, and you will find yourself tapping away to the addictive calypso music, on your bus ride to town, jam-packed with passengers in every isle, and a ticket conductor sitting by a door wide open! This is Nassau, there’s a relaxed vibe to every day. It’s living in the chill lane, saying ‘smile mon’ knowing it’ll all be ok. Take the tour buses, and enjoy the Island ride!

Be Brave, Hire a Car!

An island adventure is only complete if you drive the entire island, from one end to the other! The hire cars in Nassau can be a little ‘island-worn’. From personal experience, at first, the car won’t look like it’s worth your hard-earned money. But, it will be. The car isn’t the highlight here, it’s simply the side-kick. The adventure will uncover itself as you cruise through this beautiful island, taking in the culture, ocean views and experiencing the truly Bahamian way of life

Please check travel alerts and safety guidance before booking a car and visiting certain areas. (At the time of our trip, it was safe to visit specific areas, and not others).

Sub Diving

The glistening turquoise Caribbean waters are packed with sealife and spectacular views. There are plenty of water experiences available here. If you have the skills to dive, this is a your chance. There’s no better place to see beautiful corals, tropical sealife, and even a shipwreck or two!

But, if you don’t have diving skills, or perhaps you’re a little terrified of being in the ocean (oh, I hear you). There is a better option – Sub Diving!  Half submarine, half diving. This experience is a special treat for those slightly nervous divers out there (count me in)!

Sub diving is an incredible experience. The motorized individual subs allow you to breathe naturally. But you can still experience the ocean in the same way as a diver. It takes the fear out of diving for beginners, and it’s an experience you will remember for years to come. The Hollywood plane wrecks, tropical yellow fish; and vibrant colourful corals. This experience will bring on a smile (and it does, every time my partner and I remember our time there)!

Visit Stuart’s Cove Sub Diving Experience

The Island Food

A tropical feast! The Island food in Nassau is like no other.

For Breakfast: Resort breakfasts have a variety of tropical fruits, continental and local food, with sweet and savoury treats thrown in (every morning was an occasion for us, with Calypso music and staff that welcome you with a huge smile)! If you’re eating out, why not try the popular breakfast sandwiches or a ‘Guava Duff’ at The New Duff, on West Bay Street?

For Lunch: Spicy jerk chicken with fries? Or maybe, a trip into town for some conch fritters and plantain. A specialty in these parts, conch (pronounced ‘konk’) is found in many dishes. If you love seafood, this is the place to try everything on the menu. Go all out! Lobster, crab, clams…take your pick. Everything is delicious! Don’t love seafood? There’s plenty to choose from. Take a trip to the Pizza Lab – with rave reviews, and friendly staff, they will even make you some mouth-watering pancakes for breakfast!

For Dinner: Couples night, or a special night with friends? Go to Solemar at Compass Point. It’s one of the most romantic and idyllic restaurants on the island, and the food is simply delicious. Whatever you do, order the conch fritters. They are the best! Sip a pink sands cocktail and watch the best sunset in town. I promise, it will be an evening to remember! 

Bonus: If you want to try something local, ask your cab driver for a recommendation. That’s what we did, and Patrick sent us to a local hang-out for some homemade conch chowder – Curly’s Restaurant & Bar. Well worth a visit! 

Must-Experience: Whilst you are exploring this beautiful island, there will be ample opportunity to stop for a fresh drinking coconut. For a special coconut moment, stop by the lighthouse pier. The drinking coconuts here can have coconut water, or a splash of rum! Whatever your choice, watching the ocean by the lighthouse is a special treat.


Places to Visit

Baha Bay

Tropical river rides, water coasters, a 500,000 gallon wave pool (Blue Lagoon), the Thunderball extreme slide, and even a surf simulator. Baha Bay has the full water-works! If you’re looking for entertainment, this is it.

Cable Beach

Ocean sunsets, teal waters and the iconic camel rides! Cable beach is a must-see on a trip to Nassau. Grab a beer and enjoy sunbathing. Or, if you’re feeling a sense of adventure, why not try parasailing or a banana boat ride? This stunning beach is what the Caribbean is all about! 


Ardastra Gardens is a conservation center opened in 1937. Enjoy a relaxing day out with the national bird of the Bahamas – the flamingo!  Feed the parrots, follow the black swans and take part in the flamingo show. A chill day out in the Caribbean!

Swim With Pigs

Visit Exuma – the home of the swimming pigs! With sapphire-blue waters that can be spotted from space, Exuma is a must-see destination. If you have a few days, visit the National Park of the Exuma Cays for stunning coral reefs, and the Tropic of Cancer beach for powder-white sand and heavenly views.

Atlantis Paradise Island

This is the queen of all resorts, an ocean paradise with every experience you can imagine. If you love nature, the resort has dreamy lagoons, waterparks, a beautiful aquarium with jellyfish and turtles, the queens staircase, and much more. Need a little razzmatazz? A stylish casino, concerts with headline performances, wineries and fine-dining – Paradise Island is a must!

Pirates of Nassau

Love museums? This one has a blend of Nassau’s pirate history, mixed with impressive theatrics. Start at the Quay side in 1716, following the interactive story of the Pirates of Nassau. Don’t forget to meet Blackbeard and visit the gift shop. Who wouldn’t want a pirate tankard or grog to take home with them?!

  • Sunsets 100% 100%
  • Food 90% 90%
  • Vibe 100% 100%
  • Activities 80% 80%

The Bahamas: Where the water is clearer than the skies and every sunset is a celebration

Best Food & Drink

1. Conch Fritters

Solemar at Compass Point. The conch fritters here are the best in town. Dinner, drinks and sunsets on the beach. What could be better?  Map

2. Conch Chowder

Taste the best conch chowder in the Caribbean! This local Bahamian hide-out, nestled at the back of town will make your evening. Map

3. Pizza and cocktails

Pizza Lab. I know it isn’t local cuisine, but it’s locally sourced, and so delicious, you simply have to eat here! Map

Sub Diving

The Highlight of the Trip!
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