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Ria Gor

Ria Gor

Brand Storyteller & Mindful Marketing Strategist (Executive Master of Business Administration, BSc in Information Systems, Contributing Writer - Thrive Global). I worked in technology and healthcare for 12 years, including my own consultancy for four years. And my main role? Making complicated things easy and communicating them in a fun visual way for everyone to understand, enjoy and connect with...

Hi I'm Ria

My values are Simplicity, Creativity, Fun and Practicality. 

I’m a road-tripping explorer, video maker, photographer, star-trek, science and nature documentary lover. I never plan on growing up and definitely don’t recommend you do either!

Why does this matter? These are the things that help me to see the world differently. And this is the key ingredient for creating a brand that represents your values, attracts the right customers for you and communicates your brand through content that your audience enjoys and remembers. When they enjoy what you are putting out there, they will remember you and follow. That’s how you convert them into loyal fans that make your biz grow!

The Creative Penguin is my creation.  For me, it’s a place where creativity grows – without rules and with lots of fun – once you start to look at the world in your own way. And you can do all of this without lots of ‘stuff’ and in a quietly brilliant way! 

Why a penguin as the brand mascot? Penguins are so much fun. They never seem to be in a hurry BUT they achieve important (and challenging) things whilst having fun and making it look easy. They make me smile and remind me of being a kid, loving every moment NOW, finding happiness and contentment in the little things, being curious, learning and enjoying the journey. Achieving goals in a kind of ‘logical’ way rather than doing all-of-the-things, exhausting yourself and not really making progress.  Most of the time, we already have everything we need around us. See it differently, interact differently, communicate differently and you’ll be stealing back time whilst achieving more than you thought you could. And that’s what I want the Creative Penguin experience to be.  That’s what I want to see more of in the world. People actually appreciating, valuing, cherishing and not missing a thing.

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