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You're a think-different, fun, courageous entrepreneur. Ready to steal back time and design a business that truly represents you and your message to the world.

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You're quietly brilliant, courageous (even though sometimes your fear gets the better of you) and you see things differently. You're ready to take action on your dream vision and create a strong, visible business that truly represents you, holds a unique place in the minds of your ideal clients and gives you the happiness in life you've always dreamed of.

Welcome, you’re in the right place. 

Hey Explorer!

Welcome to My World of The Creative Penguin. 

You’re here because:

You want more time for the important things in life.

You want to feel happier and do more of what you love.

You want a successful business that your life loves

…and your ideal clients love too.

You want a successful brand and marketing strategy to focus your business direction.

You want a unique brand identity and marketing content strategy that truly represents you, your message to the world and resonates with ideal clients that you really want to help.

I help you to get these results by working on your brand story messaging and mindful marketing strategy.

…So that YOU can have more ideal clients, income, time, confidence in yourself and happiness in life that makes you shout from the rooftops ‘I feeeel good, I knew that I would’ Oh yeah!

The problem…you can’t see how to get there. So you feel stress, frustration, self-doubt, fear, distraction, confusion and feel unfocused on the vision you have…or had (depending on how long you have been going around in circles).

Now, that’s where I come in.

Together, we make time and space to get the work-life balance you want. We focus your efforts on the direction you want to go in and we map out the way to get there. We create your unique messages that make your personal brand resonate with ideal clients.

We design your products/services with these messages so that they are positioned to attract your audience.

And we create a marketing strategy to get you out there and reach those clients you want to work with. We do all of this mindfully so that it’s a longer term strategy. Not just a quick short term fix that leaves you out of control.

Together we design a business your life loves.

Ria Gor

Ria Gor

Brand Storyteller & Mindful Marketing Strategist

Hi I'm Ria, I see things differently ...

And I can help you to break out of the ‘norm’ and see things differently too.

I’m a road-tripping explorer, video maker, photographer, star-trek, science and nature documentary lover. I never plan on growing up. And I’m a mindful creator of my own life.

cropped-Very-Small-Penguin-Black_Transparent-background.pngThe Creative Penguin is my creation. It features a penguin by the name of “Be”. She is a mindful creator of her life and is also a road-trip, nature and exploration fan. She used to struggle to be herself and to stay in the moment. Being herself felt too scary. Heck, she didn’t even know what she was about! Her journey was to discover herself and start ‘BEING’ who she was and DOING less of the exhausting running from one thing to another or trying to fit in to what others said was ‘right’. It was a journey to find that happy grounded place, inside of her. In short, a mindful, rule-breaking, creative and fun loving penguin who sees the world in her own way. And she’s quietly brilliant.

Why a penguin? They’re so much fun. They never seem to be in a hurry and they do important things whilst having fun. They make me smile and remind me of being a kid, loving every moment NOW, finding happiness and contentment in the little things, being curious, learning and enjoying the journey rather than running fast to get somewhere…Only to realise you already have everything right here. If only you could see it. You can have the life YOU really want. And that’s what I want the Creative Penguin experience to be.  That’s what I want to see more of in the world. People actually appreciating, living, cherishing their life, who they are and the universe we live in…and cherishing those we love too.

Gratitude - Thanks To My Amazing Clients

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