Meet Be, The Creative Penguin

Scroll up to find Be hanging out on a cliff creating new ideas for work she loves

Be creates her story to uncover the work she loves

Ok, so she is a little unconventional. Exploring how it might feel to land from space and see everything in a new light…

Be finds resonance in her work and life

When she finds something she loves, Be is inspired to bring it into what she does. Her creativity grows her work and life every day.

Create your brand story with Be and Ria

On her adventures, this is the boat she takes to meet the dolphin who shows her how to bring her unique personality into her work and life!

Grow a business your life loves

With Brand Story Coach, Ria Gor

Your brand story is the essence of your business. It’s the heart and soul, the foundation. It’s home. When you build this first, you become focused. You’ve created your brand, you’ve positioned yourself to attract ideal clients and do the work you love. From here, you can grow …happily and successfully.

Meet Be, The Creative Penguin.

Be is now a free-spirited creative adventurer who loves being who she is and loves doing what she does. But this wasn’t always the case…

Working hard for less…

Be used to work so hard, sometimes for a lot less and feel completely drained and undervalued. She often felt like what she was doing wasn’t exactly ‘her’ – it was missing something that was important to her.

She tried to fit in, listen to others…everyone had such good ideas. But something didn’t resonate with her.

Bringing her unique personality into her work…

Be felt like there was a story inside her, the real Be. But she couldn’t bring her unique personality, her unique ideas into the world. What if they weren’t good enough?

The adventure that created her story & the work she loved…

Tired of feeling like this, she took off on an adventure. The adventure that helped her to discover her story. The real Be.

The story that would bring her personality into what she did everyday. And help her to connect to all the right people and to all the right things…and most importantly it would connect her to herself to Be herself. In her life and work.

You can read Be’s Story here.

Create your business and brand around your story

Be wants every one of us to Be The Creative Penguin, to create and recreate every day by tapping into our own unique personality and ideas.

Creating a life and business we love, one that resonates with us individually and gives us our unique space in the world.

Attract the right clients, love your work…

A unique brand story that connects the right people to us and brings more and more of our own personality into our work. So that everything we do resonates and comes from a place of ‘being’ who we are. Making life and work more fun and a place where we come away feeling energised rather than drained.

Meet Ria

I’m Ria. A Brand Story Coach and I help you create a business around your brand story – your WHY, your purpose.

The Creative Penguin and the story of Be is my creation. You can read my story here

There’s a lot about Be that resonates with me. The questions, the courage, being ‘in the moment’, the creative adventurer and free spirit. The determination to live in resonance with myself, creating a life and work that I love – and being free to BE who I am at work and in life.

Create your business with your brand story

As a brand story coach, I show you how to create the heart and soul of your business, the brand story. A central point in your business that is rooted in your purpose, your personality and differentiates your business. This is not just any story, it’s a story that has YOU in it – the unique you. I help you to create your brand identity and business around your own identity. I help you to get in touch with your creativity. And as creativity comes from space…we use mindfulness tools and fun activities to get you there (get ready to feel like you’re 5 years old again!).

What does that mean?

It means you create a brand, a business, a life…that resonates with you. One that you can feel proud of and smile happily at. One that energises your life and business and differentiates you amongst the ocean of similar businesses out there – because you are the only YOU in the entire universe.

It means you now have the foundation of your business – you are focused, your energy is channeled in the right direction, you have positioned your business perfectly to attract the right clients. It means you have the right messages that resonate with you and your clients – the messages you can now use throughout your marketing to win them over. Your website, your logo, your marketing material – all of this is full of your core brand story, your core values and messages. Without this foundation – it’s a house, not a home. And distractions will continue to confuse you. No matter what you do, it’ll be missing something that feels like you’re connected and focused on your goals.

Grow a business your life loves

Your brand story is your foundation as it contains all the important ingredients for a successful business that truly belongs to you. From here, you can create all of your dreams, one by one. From here you can grow a business your life loves.

Come and join me and Be on an adventure to Be The Creative Penguin and create your brand story on my ‘What’s Your Story’ 8 Week Programme.

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